Alan Kingsley began studying the flute in the third grade with Fritz Baker, then principal flutist of the San Diego Symphony. He studied with current Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra member Damian Bursill-Hall at UC, San Diego before choosing to pursue a different academic path. Mr. Kingsley earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting, a Master’s in taxation, and became a licensed CPA. He has worked for a variety of companies and consulting firms around the world for over thirty years.

Alan left corporate life a couple of years ago to re-invigorate his creative side. He began private study of the flute again with prominent Bay Area performer, educator, and DVC/UC Santa Cruz faculty member, Dr. Susan Waller. In addition he is developing his jazz flute skills with Stan Kenton alumna, Mary Fettig. Mr. Kingsley has recently earned credentials in Recording Arts, Digital Art, and Music Industry Studies, completing the newly approved A.A. degree in Music at Diablo Valley College in 2011. He plans to pursue advanced performing degrees at either California State University, Sacramento or East Bay.

Complementing his studies, Alan serves as Corporate Secretary on the Chamber Musicians of Northern California (CMNC) Board of Directors. The CMNC is a network of over 900 amateur and professional musicians who conduct weekend workshops at Bay Area universities throughout the year.